Visual Merchandising Agency

Visual Merchandising Agency

Schumacher Solutions is a Visual Merchandising Agency based near Munich, offering our retail clients unique and creative solutions for their brands. As a Visual Merchandising Agency we work together with a Europe-wide network of qualified freelancers and partners to implement projects creatively, innovatively and efficiently.

The creation of visual merchandising guidelines is one of our core competencies. We create individual guidelines for the product presentation at the POS and thus enable a successful implementation of the corporate identity and an internationally uniform rollout. As a Visual Merchandising Agency we accompany our customers through the entire process: from creation and implementation to successful execution. Our many years of experience in the field of visual merchandising paired with our creativity, flexibility and our speed of reaction help our customers to implement projects efficiently and effectively.

In order to ensure that our work in the shops and at the retailers is followed up, we work with various reporting tools. Depending on the needs and wishes of our customers, we set up a corresponding reporting and enable you to gain an insight into the progress of the project and the current situation at the retail spaces at any time. Thanks to close coordination with our project management team, we can quickly and efficiently implement adjustments during the regular support of your retail spaces – and thereby incorporate directly the knowledge which we gained from the reporting.

Our extensive network of freelancers and partners guarantees us a successful implementation of visual merchandising support for showrooms, new openings and refits – even for short-term requests. With regionally based visual merchandisers, we can put together teams for any support in the field of visual merchandising quickly and flexibly. Short travel distances and effective communication channels allow us to work cost-effectively and at high speed on our customers’ projects.

Staging at the POS

The focus is always on the customer: what distinguishes the brand and corporate identity from others? How can we implement this as a Visual Merchandising Agency at the POS? And how do we increase the interest of potential buyers in your products and extend their length of stay at the POS? The successful implementation of a 360-degree product presentation and creative storytelling increase the sales figures and the enthusiasm of potential buyers for your products significantly. As a Visual Merchandising Agency we ensure an inspiring experience at the POS for your customers so that nice-to-have products become must-have products.

Powerselling as the perfect addition

The sales support at the POS by qualified and trained staff on days and events with high sales value is one of our core competencies. As a Visual Merchandising Agency, we also offer our customers a combination of visual merchandising and sales support. Our network of experts in those fields acquires all relevant product information and know-how about your target groups of customers in order to address potential buyers competently and emotionally at the POS. In addition, your brand stays in the minds of your customers through a perfectly staged and well-maintained POS through our support as Visual Merchandising Agency.

Digital strategy

Since visual merchandising does not only take place in stores but also online, we as Visual Merchandising Agency also count e-commerce visual consulting to our special competence. Working out a 360-degree customer experience, in which your company and brand identity stands out both online and offline, is a major challenge. Our many years of diverse experience enable us to work with you to ensure an excellent experience at all touch points to generate an optimal online shop experience. Thereby we, as Visual Merchandising Agency, combine our core competence in the field of visual merchandising with our experience in the field of e-commerce consulting.