Hospitality Styling Service

Hospitality Styling Service

Schumacher Solutions is a Hospitality Styling Service based in Munich, working successfully for a large number of hospitality clients worldwide by giving their rooms a soul! Our goal is to create an individual and unique atmosphere for your guests and thus to create a lasting positive and unforgettable guest experience. We are supported by an extensive network of partners and sources of supply with many years of experience in the hotel industry. As a Hospitality Styling Service we focus on international “state-of-the-art” hospitality concepts and their individual adaption to your needs, so that we reach an optimal styling result for you. We not only rely on our diverse sources of supply and partners, but also integrate our experienced stylists into your project right from the start. The close cooperation between our project management and our styling experts ensures that all information, requirements and your individual expectations are taken into account and optimally implemented in the styling process. As a Hospitality Styling Service we always keep your brand identity (CI) in focus and highlight it with a corresponding styling.

As a Hospitality Styling Service we provide you with a holistic concept: from conceptual advice to sourcing and buying of the styling elements to the implementation of the decoration on-site by our stylists. The essential control of the processes is carried out by our competent project management, which is in constant coordination with you and our styling experts. The selection of individual communication channels ensures that extensive coordination processes between you, our styling experts and the relevant sources of supply run effectively and efficiently. We provide you with our extensive supplier network for styling elements: regardless of whether it is an individually manufactured piece of art, decorative objects for the furniture/walls or the creative combination of individual styling elements, we deliver you the full range.

The timing of hospitality projects

Acceptances of work and opening dates require an exact timing – as a Hospitality Styling Service with extensive experience, we are aware of this essential meaning and therefore in constant coordination with you to ensure the optimal timing of various processes. After considering the premises, either directly on-site or in the form of a briefing, we will advise you on the concept. As a Hospitality Styling Service we consider the requirements of the project together with you and coordinate your needs and wishes as well as the timing. Building on this, we start with conceptual advice without losing sight of your Hospitality CI.

Our stylists

As a Hospitality Styling Service we work with a large number of stylists who have gained extensive experience in the world of Hospitality. Our styling experts are integrated into your project right from the start so that they are informed about all relevant information and specific requirements so that they can respond directly to them during the implementation on-site. As a Hospitality Styling Service we are also aware of the importance of adhering to the corresponding CI of your hospitality brand while implementing your individual wishes and creating a reference to local peculiarities of the hotel location.

The local reference of the styling

Hotel guests not only want to feel at home, but also experience the local peculiarities of their travel destination. As a Hospitality Styling Service we are aware of this combination and want to create the most positive experience for your guests. In order to give your rooms a soul and to establish the local reference to the location, we deal with regional characteristics and incorporate these into our styling. Inspired by the architecture, the landscape, the sights, the food and cultural events, we as a Hospitality Styling Service, create a concept with a local reference and successfully implement it for you.