The place Herzogenaurach

The place Herzogenaurach offers guests a variety of perfect long-stay equipped serviced apartments all including a kitchen and space to work. The cozy and fun atmosphere makes them feel right at home and different kinds of common spaces allow guests to get together and cook, play, watch TV or even work out.

Besides styling all 104 rooms in a modern and individual way we were also responsible to create a fun and unique atmosphere in the common spaces (e.g. living room, kitchen, play room, laundry room,…). The rooftop terrace was equipped with colorful outdoor cushions and modern rugs. Plants in the whole building make the spaces more vibrant and were also our responsibility. The meeting areas were styled in a fun yet functional way so that meetings can take place while also allowing guests to work individually in a professional and cozy environment.

A big thank you to the Kewog group especially Isabel Intrup and her whole team for the great cooperation! And to Klaus Rosskothen from Pretty Portals and our stylist Agata for her wonderful job!

Many thanks also to © Urban Propaganda Communications/Jakob Marwein for the pictures.