Breuninger Karlsruhe x Porsche Zentrum Karlsruhe

Our longtime customer Breuninger Karlsruhe had a special request which gave us the opportunity to do a cooperation with Porsche Zentrum Karlsruhe.

We were not only responsible for the organization of the fashion show including casting & booking the nine models and organizing the DJ Oliver Welz but also the execution of it at Breuninger Karlsruhe.

As a special guest and host we proposed mentalist Harry Riegel to the Breuninger team and he delivered a wonderful show focusing fashion & Porsche power, which left the audience mesmerized.

A big thank you to the managers of Breuninger Karlsruhe Ms. Lang and Porsche Zentrum Karlsruhe Mr. Varvitsiotis for the opportunity to execute such an extraordinary show! And a big thank you to Madeleine Barsi for the great cooperation and Jan Liebel for the pictures!