Bentley _ Westfield London Store Window

The challenge: How to design a store window for a brand wich sells luxurious cars in a shop in which no cars are presented. The design should present products from the Bentley retail collection, bags and scarfs but at the same time present the essential story of the brand itself.

The inspirations behind this project were the soft forms of the Bentley car itself, side mirrors, headlights a.s.o.. We proposed several compositions of shapes, in different layers branded with the materials used in the Bentley interior giving the whole set up a very luxurious and high-end note.

The shapes, superimposed with variations of scale and orientation, make an exquisite and tactile composition that brings the sense of seasons, without using any images and videos, but through textures, materials and colors.

The outcome was a sophisticated look of the Westfield London Bentley store window that at the same time presents the products from the collection, but what is more important, showcases the image of the core values and philosophy of the brand.

The “diamond” that we have developed for window and back-wall is further more adapted and used as a pattern in the next exhibitions of Bentley on auto shows worldwide.

What we did:

  • Ideas development
  • 3D visualisation
  • Technical development
  • Prototype production
  • Packaging
  • Transport & logistics
  • Montage